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Friday, July 29, 2011

Something disappeared from the screen! I don't know how to get it back!!

One thing that happens regularly to us ordinary people (not Geeks) is that we hit something unintentionally. When this happens unpredictable things happen usually involving the disappearance of important items.

Luckily, most of this can be solved very easily by checking out the VIEW menu in the program that you were working in. Most likely you have changed how things look, but not at all how they work. Almost every program has a VIEW menu at the top with many choices down below. All of these choices change how things look, but not what they do. A good idea is to go to the view menu and try clicking on some of the items and changing the checkmarks by turning them on or off. You can then look at your screen to see what changed. Sometimes I do not know the name of something I want to see, but I can click on anything in the VIEW menu to try it out.

View menu for Firefox
It is great to know that you can click on things without breaking them, but sometimes you might get stuck. One example is that you click next to FULL SCREEN and all of the menus disappear. How do you get back to where you were. Almost always if you click the 'esc' button at the top left of your keyboard it returns you to where you were.

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