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Monday, July 25, 2011

All About Blogs

Since you are reading this I assume that you know what a blog is, but you may wonder how people make them or how they add videos, links or photos to them. In a way I hate to write this post because it will show you how easy this is and you will not be amazed at what I can do anymore.

I comfort myself with the thought that you will now be able to make your own blog and impress your friends and family.

You should have an idea that you would like to write about and choose a title.  This is probably the hardest part! Think about who your audience will be and the purpose for the blog. It could be to share a life event or vacation or to talk about something you are interested in and want to share.

Sign up
There are several places that you can go to right now to sign up for your own FREE blog. These are online programs that provide you with an easy way to create a blog and store them for you. Remember "the cloud"? Well all of the blogs that you write will be stored on the cloud somewhere. Here are some links to places where you can go to start your own blog:

BLOGGER - This is the one that I am using. It is owned by Google, so you sign up with your Google account if you have one.

WEEBLY - You can make a website or a blog with Weebly and it is all done by drag and drop.

WORDPRESS -  This is another easy place that you can go to sign up for a blog.

There are many other places that you can make a blog. To find them type blog creators into a google search. You will have to look at them to find the one you like.

Blog programs all have built in editors that help you to choose what you want your blog to look like. Each of them has templates that are already designed that you can choose from. If you want to do your own design you can do that also.

You can write as often or as little as you would like. The more often you write the more readers you will be likely to have. If your blog does not change much people can easily forget about it. Some people write often and have discussions with their readers in the comment section at the end of the blog. Other people write for themselves or to tell about a specific thing like a trip. They do not expect comments and the blog becomes a log of something to remember.

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