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Monday, July 18, 2011

Commenting on a Blog

Many people (including me) think that blogs should be two way communication. I am interested in hearing from readers. The internet allows you to interact people and companies that you do not know. It can improve communication and give you a voice and a place to post your opinion.

The controls that are on many blogs and other places where there is a comment service online was started in response to LOTS of spam. I have another blog that was constantly getting comments about Viagra.

I have just made this blog open to anonymous comments. That is because I am willing to take a chance so that I can hear from people who may not have an account with Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, etc.  I actually think that if you want to say something you should be willing to identify yourself. However there are people, even in my own family who do not want to have any online accounts and there are many people who do not have any idea how to get one of these accounts and do not have a use for them.

You may come across a blog that requires you to log in and does not have the choice to remain anonymous. If this happens you can always email the owner of the blog to let them know. I had not realized that this was a setting I needed to change until I was reminded about it.

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