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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to find Blogs to Read

Since it is so easy to blog lots and lots of people are starting blogs on different topics. How do you find the ones that YOU want to read?

A blog can be a great way to find out things that you want to know about ANYTHING. There are cooking blogs, shopping blogs, DIY blogs, sports blogs, travel blogs and on and on.

There are several places to look for blogs. I always first try a google search. I use the terms "best _____ blogs" and I always get thousands of results.

Two websites that keep track of blogs and rank them:

Technorati uses authority ranking to evaluate which blogs have the most influence. You can search here by topic to find the  most influential blogs in each area.

BlogRank uses 20 factors to evaluate which are the best blogs. You can also search by topics using this website.


Rather than going out and searching for what you want all of the time you may want to subscribe to the blogs you like. When you subscribe you will only need to go to ONE place to look at all of the blogs you are interested in. Even if you  have not looked for many days the content that has been posted since you last looked will be there. You can scan through them easily and just read the interesting ones.

How do you subscribe?  Start an account with Google Reader or Bloglines. There are many other blogreaders that you can sign in with that will collect blogs that you are interested in reading.

Now when you find a blog you like just look for the icons above in order to subscribe. Subscriptions are often called RSS feeds. That means that this blog will be put through a program so that it can be accessed by your blog reader.

When you do that a window will open up that asks you which reader you want to subscribe with. You should be able to find the one you signed up for and click on it. There are lots of choices. Sometimes you can even just copy the URL and paste it into the page that comes up and it will start your subscription.

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