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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Help! I Cannot Open My iMovie Projects with the New Version (10.1.4)

The other day I got an email from one of the bright readers of this blog asking about iMovie. His question had to do with different versions of iMovie. I know that iMovie can be very confusing and I had not looked at it for a little while, so I wrote him back to say that I would have to look to see what versions I am using and do a little research and I would get back to him.

Much to my surprise, when I looked at my computer I had THREE (count them…3) versions of iMovie on my computer. I kept the oldest version (6.0.3) on purpose because I knew how to use it and I did not like the way the replacement worked. 6.0.3 will not even work on Sierra and I get the message that I have to upgrade to the newest version.

I used the next version (iMovie 09, 8.0.6) until I got used to it. So, I have a bunch of projects and event files from then.

Finally, there is another newer version (10.1.4) on my computer that I have played with (because it does have a few trial movies in it). It cannot access all of my older movies, so I am going to try to figure that out and let you in on it!

First I want to open the 10.1.4 version and see if there is any way that I can open the movies that I have made in the past.

The first thing that I tried was to go to FILE-Import iOS Projects and then I navigated to my Movies folder and EVERYTHING in it was faded. I could not open anything. So, I learned I could not upload old projects.

So then I tried FILE-Import Media. This time an Import window opened up in iMovie and all of my files were listed below. First I had to change the file name at the top where it says “import to”. Then I chose one of the movies I had made in the past and clicked import in the bottom right. I went to the top of the list where it said “New Event” and I named it past projects. My movie from the past imported and now it is in my media list. 

However, it will not play in my media list. I had to create a New Project and then drag it down to the bottom. 

NOW I get it!!  The newest iMovie does not automatically connect to your older projects. It allows you to import your older projects and even the pieces of the projects (the stills, video and sound from when you were making the movie). Once they are imported into the folder you can work with them and make new things or remake the movies you had before. 

If you have completed movies in the past to the point of "Sharing" them so that they were no longer a project, but a movie it will play even if you do not have iMovie. That file is a stand alone file. What you cannot do is to edit them unless you have imported all of the pieces to create a new project.

I am ready to edit my video files to get rid of all of my old projects and keep only the final videos that were made. I don’t want to change them. I just want to have them to look at. Before this I was afraid to throw anything away because it might be necessary, but now I understand.

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