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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My Favorite Program This Week

I really appreciate Google Drive this week. I am on the board of a Child Development Center and we have gradually been using it more and more to share documents and spreadsheets. We have a fundraiser every year where board members seek donations from various places for a silent auction. Google Spreadsheets has been a fantastic way to share what we have gotten donated so that we don't go asking the same place over and over again. Each year we have a record of what was donated to help us start the next year. Unlike using a spreadsheet and sharing it through email we don't end up with lots of different copies at different stages and have to compile them.

files in Google DriveIn another organization we use Google Docs to save Agendas and Minutes of meetings. Recently we are editing the Bylaws and it is a great way to allow a small group of people access to the document to work on it without having to be meeting all of the time. You can designate who has access to a document and what rights they have. You can set it so that many people can READ the document, but only certain people can edit it. You can highlight a sentence and then put comments that appear on the side of the document without actually changing the document. I highly recommend Google Drive as a workspace for any organization.

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