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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Getting Pictures from the Internet and Attaching them to email


I always use Google to search for pictures, because it is easy to find ONLY the pictures that have been marked for sharing. 

Did you know that all of the content on the Internet is copyrighted? Copyright Law says that copyright exists the moment a work is "fixed". You do not have to register for copyright in order to use the ©  

(On a Mac in order to get a copyright symbol go to System Preferences>Language and Region. At the bottom of the window that appears will be a checkbox with the words-Show Input in the Menu Bar.  The menu bar is the very top bar of your computer screen that has the date and time. When it is there you can click on it and choose Show emojis and symbols. The Character Viewer will open and you can go to Letterlike symbols to choose the copyright symbol.)

Following are the instructions for choosing a picture from the Internet, saving it on your computer and then attaching it to an email message.

1.       Go to Google. 
2.   Type the name of the picture you want into the search engine.

3.   Choose IMAGES from the menu at the top 
4.   To choose pictures that are free to share, click on tools.

5.   Choose Usage Rights
6.   Choose Labeled for Reuse 

7.   Select the picture you want and click on it.
8.   Right click on the image
9.   Choose Save Image As
10.       Give the image a name and decide where to save it on your computer.
1.   Where are you saving the picture file?
2.   What do you want to name the file?
3.   What type of file do you want it to be (usually leave this the same)
11.       Click Save
12.       The picture will show up in your picture file.

Go to your email (This example uses Gmail. The directions for other email programs is similar)

1.   Type in the search box.

2.   Click Compose

3.   Type in the email address you want to send it to.

4.   Put in a subject.

5.   Type a note.
6.   Click on the paper clip OR on the camera
·      The paper clip will attach the picture as a file
·      The Camera will attach the picture so that it shows in the message space.

7.   Choose the picture(s) you want to put in. To choose more than one hold down shift while clicking on the pictures.
Press Shift if the pictures that you want to choose are in order.
Press Control (ctrl) if the pictures you want to choose are not in order.

8.   Once you have chosen all the photos you want press OPEN and they will be added to your email.

Getting a Copyright Symbol on a Mac

On a Mac get a copyright symbol

1. Open System Preferences

2. Choose Language and Region 

3. At the bottom of the window that appears will be a checkbox with the words:

4. The menu bar is the very top bar of your computer screen that has the date 

and time. 

5. When it is there you can click on it and choose Show emojis and symbols.
The Character Viewer will open and you can go to Letterlike symbols to choose the copyright symbol.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Data Retention and Privacy Google vs. Facebook

Google LogoWhen Facebook was getting lots of attention for its data retention policy and Mark Zuckerburg was having to take questions from Congress, I wondered how things were with Google. It seems that they are doing many of the same things that Facebook is doing. In fact, it seems like they are trying to take over the world. I used to think that their motto "Do no evil" was nice, but now it seems like Google has gotten SO big that I wonder if it can control anything anymore. This is a great article that answered my questions about that. It shows how transparent Google is and how much control you have over your own account, which was not true of Facebook. It is a good read.

Here are links to the Google services that the article talks about.

Google Takeout

My Activity

Saturday, June 30, 2018

What is WiFI and how do I make it secure?

tangled cordsMost of us hate all of the cords that plague our lives these days. It is such a relief to have wireless connection to the Internet and good computer batteries so that you can take your laptop and work anywhere. Many people don't understand how that can happen because it is invisible, but it is important to understand a bit.

Wireless computers use WIFI to connect to the Internet. WIFI is like a radio signal that floats in the air invisibly. At your routerhome it comes from a box (router) that is connected by a wire to the Internet. The box converts that signal into a WIFI connection. You are paying someone to provide this service (similar to cable for your TV, but wireless).  Maybe it is ATT, Time Warner (which is now ATT!). Google Fiber or Grande. They come to your house, set up the box and maybe even put the password into your computer, so it just works!

List of WIFI signalsYou need to understand this because the signals that are floating around the air can be captured by ANY computer. Most connections are protected, so only people who know the password can access the WIFI. This is good. It means that no one can sit outside of your house in a car and access your WIFI. This list is what WIFI connections my computer senses. They all have locks next to their name. That means they are password protected and I would need the password to use the WIFI.

When you go to a coffee shop or airport or anywhere else that has either a WIFI connection that does not have a password OR a password that they give out freely to anyone in that location, it means that ANYONE who is on the same connection can theoretically connect to your computer. If you are just using your computer for something local, like Word; or to browse the Internet to read the news or your email this is not a big problem. However, if you are logging into your bank or purchasing something and entering your credit card information it is like you are giving it out to anyone in the space. Most people would be honest and not pay any attention, but you never know when there is someone who knows how to misuse that information for their benefit.

So, make sure you have a good password on your WIFI connection and be careful how you use it when you are in a coffee shop.

This is a great article that will tell you more important things about making sure you have a secure connection to the Internet. If you have any questions about this just call!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

More Confusion about Events and Projects

I wrote a post a while ago about my confusion with the Events and Projects in iMovie. This week I realized that I was still confused, so I have tried again to gain a better understanding and I think this time I have succeeded!

One of the most confusing things about iMovie is the use of the words Events and Projects. I think I understand right away what a project is. When I start a project I open iMovie and choose the + that says CREATE NEW. OR I could choose one of the other projects that I had started before and work on it some more.

When I choose CREATE NEW a project is opened up and I can Import Media that I want to use (still photos, video, audio). At this point the project is created, but the movie is not made.  If I quit iMovie and start again it is called My Movie 1 and is waiting for me to work on it. I can drag pieces of the movie onto the editing screen and add transitions, and sound and keep working on it and if I click on the projects back arrow I will be prompted to give it a name and it will be added to my projects on the front page of iMovie. 

If I open it again and do some work again it automatically saves the changes!  So, I understand what a project is and what is in my project library.  How come I can ignore Events and still make and save a project?

What is an Event??

Now that I have taken time to look at the program I understand. iMovie calls all of the video and photos that you upload to the program Events. I think that the best way to look at the events is to look at one of the folders under “iMovie Library”. To get there you choose MEDIA from the three things at the top of the screen. Now you can see all of the media available for your projects. Each event (or what I like to think of as folder) has the clips for a specific project. If you did not change the name it is named by the date created. They are now available to be dragged down into ANY project that you create.

If you do not use iMovie a great deal and do not make lots of complicated movies you can IGNORE the Events!!  It is a way of organizing the files that you upload so that they can be available for ANY movie that you create. If you don’t create many movies at all this may not be helpful to you.

Once something is uploaded to the Events it is available for any project. Just click on one of the events listed in the iMovie Library and you can drag and drop that video into any project. If you make lots of movies and like to have clips available to be used in various projects you can organize them into events. You have to be in the “Media” section rather than a “Project” and then you will see the sidebar for the Photos Library and the iMovie Library. You can create a New Event by going to FILE-NEW EVENT. Think of this as a file folder. You should name it something that will help you remember what it has in it. Once you have named it you can click the down arrow to import video or stills  that you have on your computer. You can also click on the Photos Library and drag and drop any of the photos into event folders. 

I feel like I understand this better at least for now!  Here are some websites that might help you.

Mac Most - a video with a helpful explanation

YouTube tutorial video - videos are a great way for me to learn.

A long, but thorough tutorial

If you still have questions and want to talk feel free to email or call and I can even work with you long distance using special connection software.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Should I delete my Facebook Account?

See No Evil Monkey
Over the weekend I will be seeing my sister, who was a computer programmer and may know more about the lack of security while using technology. She will not start a Facebook page or sign up for online stuff. She has and uses an email address, but is very cautious about lots of things.

I, on the other hand, started signing up for stuff almost as soon as the Internet became a thing. I know nothing about programming or the secrets behind computers (except that there are some). I was always a teacher encouraging other teachers to use technology on their own and with their kids. I had to try things out before I told them to use them.

So, now that we are ALL becoming more aware of how intrusive technology can be into our lives and how much our data (all of the information about us) is being leaked in ways we can't control, what do we do?

thumbs down to FacebookI think that we will all deal with it in different ways. I respect those who decide to delete their Facebook pages ('how to' below). I think it is too late for me. What is out there does not go away and I think that if anyone wants to find my data they can do it. I am not claiming that I am so gullible as to think that my squeaky-clean life will not be misused to cause me trouble. I am just hoping it won't.

At the same time, I am tightening my privacy settings on Facebook and being more aware of what I am signing up for and in general how online stuff can be used. Even if your data was not stolen by Cambridge Analytica, they still put ads on Facebook that might have swayed an election. That is huge. So, I am very supportive of government actions that will tighten up regulations.
baby ducksI actually like Facebook. I enjoy perusing what my family and friends are doing. I enjoy looking at pictures of new grandchildren, etc....  In fact, I don't use it regularly because it steals my time. I start and a few hours later I realize that I have just spent a pleasant two hours on what was supposed to be 5 minutes. Honestly, I also like what they are doing with ads. I am not sure I would pay for it, so I am glad it is free and it is OK with me that they put ads on the page. I am glad that they have changed their model to aim ads at me instead of just putting up whatever ad paid the most, or whatever. I used to see ads for 'male-part' enlargement regularly. Now I just see stuff aimed at older women (how to lose weight, clothes to hide rolls, comfortable shoes, etc...) It is OK.

What I don't like and didn't realize that they were doing is following my search and browsing habits on the Internet. I think Facebook should stick to Facebook and not be gathering data from other locations.

So, here are things that I recommend you do whether you are Deleting your account or just being more careful about privacy:

  1. Go into your Facebook Account and click on the shadow of a triangle pointing down at the top right of the screen
  2. Choose SETTINGS (near the bottom of the list)
  3. Choose GENERAL ( it may just open to general)
  4. Click on the word EDIT next to Manage Account.
  5. From here slide down and you can choose to DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT. Deactivating allows you to go off of Facebook. However, if you change your mind in the future you can get back on again.
  6. If you want to DELETE your account completely you need to email Facebook and request that your account be deleted. Once this is done you cannot restore your account. Here is a link with more instruction for DELETING your account.
  1. Following the same instructions go to settings. There are several places to look for Privacy settings because it is complicated. You may want to check out all of your settings, but I will mention a few important ones.
  2. Security and Login - Check all of these settings. Make sure that you have them set in ways you are comfortable. Two-factor authentication means that every time you log in you will have to have your phone nearby to get a code to enter into the account. It is very secure because no one else can get into your account (knows your password) and has your phone.
  3. Privacy - Again, check all of these settings. They control WHO can see your posts and who can contact you. To change anything click EDIT and pull down the choices. I think that Facebook is meant for sharing, so it is hard for me to understand why someone would put "just me", but that is a choice. I guess you could use it as a journal.
  4. Blocking - You can block other users of Facebook from all sorts of things. Check here to see if there is anything you want to block.
  5. Face Recognition - maybe this is creepy, maybe not, but you can control it. It means that it will show you when someone posts a picture of you even if you are not mentioned in their post.
  6. Public Posts - This is more control for who can see your stuff. Even if you have locked up searching for you on Facebook people can go to Google and search for you.  
  7. Apps and Websites - Finally, this is one that was new to me, but I think is important. Often when you sign up for something it asks you whether you want to log in with Facebook. This is much easier than trying to remember yet another password. However, what it does is create a link between Facebook and that other website. It means that you are sharing information more widely than you thought. I went through and removed ALL of the ones that were there. Then I went about my regular business. I found that the one place that said it needed a Facebook login was this Newsletter. I post my newsletter on my business and personal sites. I decided I still needed to do that and that I trusted Mailchimp not to misuse my info. So I added it back on.
There are a few other settings that I did not mention. It does not hurt anything to click on them to see what they are about. I skipped ones that did not have a connection to privacy.

So, whatever you decide my wish is that you will feel good about it and enjoy life online as much as offline.

Let me know what you think about this!  I am curious.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My Favorite Program This Week

I really appreciate Google Drive this week. I am on the board of a Child Development Center and we have gradually been using it more and more to share documents and spreadsheets. We have a fundraiser every year where board members seek donations from various places for a silent auction. Google Spreadsheets has been a fantastic way to share what we have gotten donated so that we don't go asking the same place over and over again. Each year we have a record of what was donated to help us start the next year. Unlike using a spreadsheet and sharing it through email we don't end up with lots of different copies at different stages and have to compile them.

files in Google DriveIn another organization we use Google Docs to save Agendas and Minutes of meetings. Recently we are editing the Bylaws and it is a great way to allow a small group of people access to the document to work on it without having to be meeting all of the time. You can designate who has access to a document and what rights they have. You can set it so that many people can READ the document, but only certain people can edit it. You can highlight a sentence and then put comments that appear on the side of the document without actually changing the document. I highly recommend Google Drive as a workspace for any organization.