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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

End of the Year - most Popular Posts

As I go into the new year I thought I would do a little research and remind myself about what works on this blog. I have written posts to this blog 22 times this year. That is a lot less than I was thinking. I mean to write once a week which would be 53 times. 

2011  17 (5 months starting in September) 
2012  19
2013  37
2014  22

It looks like I should try to increase my frequency of writing this year if possible. 

The most popular post of all time with 75,717 hits is:
Freeing up Memory on your iPhone 

The top 5 for this year
1. Should I use 2 Step Authentication?  402 hits
2. The End of Windows XP 211 hits
3. Password Management and the Heartbleed Bug 195 hits
4. Arranging the Icons on your iPhone or iPad 190 hits
5. 5 Things You Can do to Make Being Online Meaningful (3-5) 178 hits

It is interesting to look at these statistics. What I am seeing is that most people are finding this blog by searching for help on something. I think this makes great sense. It is exactly what I do when I want to find something out. I "google" whatever I want to find out and learn from other people online. The other thing I see is that people continue to find the post on Freeing up Memory on your iPhone helpful. In my statistics I can see that even just today the page has 90 hits. A hit means that someone clicked on the page. 

If there is anything you are interested in having me research and write up let me know. I am always open to new ideas!