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Friday, May 23, 2014

What is an avatar?

An Avatar is a picture that you can use to represent yourself on a website. Many websites now ask for a picture when you complete your profile. Most people just use pictures of themselves, their families or something that they like. You will see some that are actually avatars. Here are some sites where you can make your own avatars for free. I have tried each one out and put it into the blog so that you can see what they are like.

10 Websites to Create your own Avatar

For Children especially
Avatars are especially good for children. It is best for them not to put their own photos online. This site has tons of choices.

List of Avatar Makers

Doppel Me

Voki-Voki avatars can move and even talk.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Help!! I have a bunch of files to rename!

When I connect my camera to my computer and download the pictures they are all files named DMG001, DMG002, etc... Usually I don't have time to rename each of the pictures one by one. It helps me to remember what they are if I name them something more meaningful.  So, I searched and found some software that would do that for me.

This is often called a “batch” process because you are changing a batch of files at the same time. To find some software I did a search for 'software to rename files mac' You could do the same for 'software to rename files PC' and add the word free if you want to be sure that you get a free option.

I chose NameChanger because it was free. 


    picture of NameChanger window
Open NameChanger and find the files that you want to change. Set the program up to change parts of the name or the whole name. Notice that there is a pull down menu that gives you several choices. You can choose to give them all the same name with a numeral at the end that changes (1,2,3)

  1. Find the files that you want to change. This may mean opening a folder and clicking COMMAND-A to select all of the files.
  2. Drag the files into the first column showing on the NameChanger window.
  3. Click the RENAME button on the top.

On the left side you will see the result and automatically you will also see that the file names have changed in your computer.

There are free options to do the same thing on a PC. 


Click on the file one time to highlight it. Count to 10 and then click just the name of the file one time and wait for a second or two. You will see the name highlight in a way that allows you to type whatever name you want it to be.

Right Click on a file (Remember right click always gives you another menu). In the menu that pops up you will see the word “rename”. Click on it and you will be able to give the file a new name.

Thanks to Glee for having this problem so that I could figure it out and write it up here!