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Thursday, May 3, 2018

More Confusion about Events and Projects

I wrote a post a while ago about my confusion with the Events and Projects in iMovie. This week I realized that I was still confused, so I have tried again to gain a better understanding and I think this time I have succeeded!

One of the most confusing things about iMovie is the use of the words Events and Projects. I think I understand right away what a project is. When I start a project I open iMovie and choose the + that says CREATE NEW. OR I could choose one of the other projects that I had started before and work on it some more.

When I choose CREATE NEW a project is opened up and I can Import Media that I want to use (still photos, video, audio). At this point the project is created, but the movie is not made.  If I quit iMovie and start again it is called My Movie 1 and is waiting for me to work on it. I can drag pieces of the movie onto the editing screen and add transitions, and sound and keep working on it and if I click on the projects back arrow I will be prompted to give it a name and it will be added to my projects on the front page of iMovie. 

If I open it again and do some work again it automatically saves the changes!  So, I understand what a project is and what is in my project library.  How come I can ignore Events and still make and save a project?

What is an Event??

Now that I have taken time to look at the program I understand. iMovie calls all of the video and photos that you upload to the program Events. I think that the best way to look at the events is to look at one of the folders under “iMovie Library”. To get there you choose MEDIA from the three things at the top of the screen. Now you can see all of the media available for your projects. Each event (or what I like to think of as folder) has the clips for a specific project. If you did not change the name it is named by the date created. They are now available to be dragged down into ANY project that you create.

If you do not use iMovie a great deal and do not make lots of complicated movies you can IGNORE the Events!!  It is a way of organizing the files that you upload so that they can be available for ANY movie that you create. If you don’t create many movies at all this may not be helpful to you.

Once something is uploaded to the Events it is available for any project. Just click on one of the events listed in the iMovie Library and you can drag and drop that video into any project. If you make lots of movies and like to have clips available to be used in various projects you can organize them into events. You have to be in the “Media” section rather than a “Project” and then you will see the sidebar for the Photos Library and the iMovie Library. You can create a New Event by going to FILE-NEW EVENT. Think of this as a file folder. You should name it something that will help you remember what it has in it. Once you have named it you can click the down arrow to import video or stills  that you have on your computer. You can also click on the Photos Library and drag and drop any of the photos into event folders. 

I feel like I understand this better at least for now!  Here are some websites that might help you.

Mac Most - a video with a helpful explanation

YouTube tutorial video - videos are a great way for me to learn.

A long, but thorough tutorial

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