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Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Few Things that Might Make Technology Work Better for You

YOUR MOUSE (Input device in Geek Speak!)
Do you like to use the trackpad on your computer? What about your mouse? I have a few clients with arthritis who have trouble using a regular mouse. Another option is a trackball. There are several different kinds, but like a mouse they just plug into your computer with a USB connection. The MX Ergo from Logitech is a trackball that allows you to set the angle that you use it from. It is on the expensive side for a mouse, about $100. You can get a trackball mouse for much less than that and there are plenty of other choices. 

much research lately is showing what a difference moving makes. Sitting is not the best posture for having a healthy body. Some of us spend way too much time sitting. A standing desk is one possible solution. There are a number of desks that convert from a sitting desk to a standing desk. You can work either sitting down or standing up. The WorkFit – T is one that will allow you to work from from a standing position.

Another one I have recently seen can be used standing or sitting. It can be placed on top of an existing desk or table and is designed to easily adjust up or down.

You have heard of "the cloud" and wondered how safe all of your data is out there somewhere. Why not have your own server and save all of your own stuff? Western Digital MyCloud will allow you to store photos, videos, and files from all of your devices including your smartphone then access them from anywhere using the MyCloud mobile app. The MyCloud comes in a variety of models with up to 16TB of storage. The MyCloud Home Duo system saves everything on two different disks for true redundancy. Prices on the MyCloud products begin at just about $160 for 2TB for all the way up to 16TB for $700.

VOIP, for Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol) is a system using the internet for voice communication (like phone calls). If you have phone service from your cable company that’s what you’re getting. But you’re probably paying about $40 a month for the service. Ooma is a VOIP service that you can use (like Skype) on your computer to connect with family and friends. What was new to me is that you can buy the gear from Ooma. With the Ooma home system, you buy the Telo base (about $100) and as many HD2 handsets as you need (about $60 apiece), then pay only taxes and fees every month, just under $4.00.