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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Is your Mac Running Slowly?


Maybe it needs a clean up of large files.  If you have the Operating System called Sierra there are several features to do that for you!
  1. To find out what operating system your computer has click on the black apple in the top left corner and choose About this Mac. The window will tell you what operating system you are using.Mac storage
  2. Now click the storage tab. Wait a second and this will tell you how much storage you are using. 
  3. Now choose Manage.  This will show you things you can set up that will maximize your storage space.
manage storage
  1. Store in iCloud -  This will save some space on your computer, but you may have to pay for extra space on iCloud.  5G comes free with you iCloud account and it is about $1 a month for more 50G more.
  2. Optimize - This dumps iTunes videos you have already watched and deals with email attachments differently.
  3. Empty trash automatically - permanently deletes anything in the trash more than 30 days.
  4. To me the most interesting was Reduce Clutter -  It goes through your machine and gives you a list to review all of the large files on your computer. You can the keep, delete, or transfer them to a CD or Thumbdrive. I think I could spend hours on this, but I won't because I am not short on space!
list of files
If you have an older mac there are programs that you can download that will do similar things. Some names are: CleanMyMac 3Gemini 2Disk Cleanup Pro and Dr. Cleaner . It is a good idea to type the name of the program with the word review in you browser and read the reviews before you download. Always back up your Mac before using software intended to automatically delete files on your computer — just in case.