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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Should I Upgrade my iPhone to iOS 6?

While I was at my son's wedding this weekend I kept getting messages when I turned on my phone that a new operating system was available (6.0) Normally it is good to just download the newest one, but I decided to do some searching online first to see what people were saying.

One person said that it took a long time (45 minutes). I am glad I didn't just start it downloading when I first saw the message.

The biggest complaint is that Apple has decided to try to keep Google out of its phone, so it created its own Mapping App and got rid of YouTube. The default map that was on the phone was a Google Map, but with iOS 6 and on the new iPhone 5 it will be Apple's Map App. You cannot even download the Google Map if you wanted to. People do not like the Apple Map App. There are complaints that it is not accurate enough and that it is inferior to what people have gotten used to using. Since the map is one of the things that I use the most the thought of getting rid of it is not a good one. 

The second complaint is that the new Operating System is not that much of a change from the earlier OS. One article said that it was "evolution rather than revolution".

There are some good things too. When a phone rings and you cannot answer it you have a choice of quickly sending a preset text so that the other person has an idea why you did not answer. There is a "Do not Disturb" feature that you can set so that you do not get calls in the middle of the night or whenever you may not want to. It has improved Siri so that she can actually text for you and do things like make reservations. It has increased connections with Facebook and Twitter. You can send a Facebook update or a Tweet without going into their applications online. However, these things are not enough to make for a big change. 

I think I have decided to wait a bit. I like the way my phone is working now. Who knows, they might come out with a better iOS with some of these things corrected.

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