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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Getting Pictures from the Internet and Attaching them to email


I always use Google to search for pictures, because it is easy to find ONLY the pictures that have been marked for sharing. 

Did you know that all of the content on the Internet is copyrighted? Copyright Law says that copyright exists the moment a work is "fixed". You do not have to register for copyright in order to use the ©  

(On a Mac in order to get a copyright symbol go to System Preferences>Language and Region. At the bottom of the window that appears will be a checkbox with the words-Show Input in the Menu Bar.  The menu bar is the very top bar of your computer screen that has the date and time. When it is there you can click on it and choose Show emojis and symbols. The Character Viewer will open and you can go to Letterlike symbols to choose the copyright symbol.)

Following are the instructions for choosing a picture from the Internet, saving it on your computer and then attaching it to an email message.

1.       Go to Google. 
2.   Type the name of the picture you want into the search engine.

3.   Choose IMAGES from the menu at the top 
4.   To choose pictures that are free to share, click on tools.

5.   Choose Usage Rights
6.   Choose Labeled for Reuse 

7.   Select the picture you want and click on it.
8.   Right click on the image
9.   Choose Save Image As
10.       Give the image a name and decide where to save it on your computer.
1.   Where are you saving the picture file?
2.   What do you want to name the file?
3.   What type of file do you want it to be (usually leave this the same)
11.       Click Save
12.       The picture will show up in your picture file.

Go to your email (This example uses Gmail. The directions for other email programs is similar)

1.   Type in the search box.

2.   Click Compose

3.   Type in the email address you want to send it to.

4.   Put in a subject.

5.   Type a note.
6.   Click on the paper clip OR on the camera
·      The paper clip will attach the picture as a file
·      The Camera will attach the picture so that it shows in the message space.

7.   Choose the picture(s) you want to put in. To choose more than one hold down shift while clicking on the pictures.
Press Shift if the pictures that you want to choose are in order.
Press Control (ctrl) if the pictures you want to choose are not in order.

8.   Once you have chosen all the photos you want press OPEN and they will be added to your email.

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