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Friday, March 31, 2017

How to do a Screenshot in PC or Mac or iPhone

Print Screen keyOn a PC or Windows Computer often there is a key at the top of the keyboard that says Print Scrn. When you press that button it will make a copy of your desktop that you can paste into a document. Once it is pasted onto a page you can click on it so that it has handles on the corners, resize it or find CROP in the Picture Format tools and cut out what you are not interested in showing.

You can also Right Click on the screen shot that you have pasted and choose "save as picture" and it will become a picture file rather than a temporary copy.

Another way (and I think a better way!) to do a screen shot is to use a program that comes with your computer called SnipIt. When you see something that you want to do a screen shot of you can go to the Start Menu>All Programs and look for Snip It. This tool will give allow you to draw around the part of the window that you want to snip and then save it as an image. For a newsletter like this I need to have images that I can insert rather than paste, so I use Snip It or something like it on the Mac all of the time.

Screenshots on a mac are created by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard. If you want to take a picture of the whole screen it is Command-Shift-3. You will hear a sound like a camera clicking and the screen shot will appear on your desktop. It will be called Screen Shot with the date and time it was done.

If you want a Screenshot of just a part of your screen click Command-Shift-4 and a skinny plus sign will appear. Draw a rectangle around what you want a picture. It will appear on your desktop with the name Screen Shot with the date and time it was done.

One more cool trick is to click Command-Shift-4 and then Spacebar.  What that does is turns the cross hair into a camera. Whatever window the camera is on top of is highlighted and can be made into a picture.

The website below has a video showing these things as well as a few more cool tips!'s Dream


It is easy to take a screenshot of what is on your phone and it works the same on your iPad. In order to take a screenshot of what is on your iPhone click both the on/off button on the top right and the Home button at the same time. The home button is the circular button on the bottom that you use to get back to the main screen. If you do it right the picture will fade and then come back. When it comes back you will have a copy of the screen in your camera gallery. You can see the picture that I took of my new favorite game Monument Valley.

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