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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Images as Answers to a Google Form

I have not been writing for a while. I took a job as a long-term substitute for the technology teacher at University of Texas Elementary and life just got too busy.
Picture of UT Elementary Website

If you want to look at the Digital Stories the kids created click on the image above.

I got a question at about creating a Google Form that allows people answering the form to include images. I decided that should be my first post as I return from my "sabbatical".

First, you may know this already, but here is what I do when a question like this comes up. I go to my search box and type in what I am wanting to know. In this case I used a Google search for "including images in Google Forms". I found lots of information on how to include an image into the form you are making, but none on creating a form that can receive pictures. Here is what I sent to the person that requested help:

"I could not find a way to do this.  You can add an image to your own Spreadsheet and I found lots of ways to change the code of a form so that it allows you to put in images. Teachers want this a lot when they are creating tests. There were suggestions that this be changed in the future in the discussion forum, but it sounded like it is not available now.

The discussion forum about Google Docs that is also a place to suggest ideas. It is possible your answer is here somewhere or you could suggest your idea.!forum/docs

The discussion forum was interesting and searchable! It seems like a good place to go to find things out about all of Google's programs.

picture of discussion groups on Google Forum
It is good to be back. Feel free to add your own knowledge to the comments or to email me any questions you have. Remember that I am available for one on one or group tutoring in Austin, TX.

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